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Advanced Yoga Teacher Training


Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
Shea Knight, E-RYT 500
TBD for 2017
Saturday & Sunday
9:00 am – 6:00 pm
18 CEU’s

Hosted by Live Oak Yoga
2901 Curry Ford Road
Orlando, FL 32806

This comprehensive training includes:
Day 1: Anatomy for RYT’s
- Learn the way the muscular and skeletal system work with regards to a yoga practice
- Learn new language for verbal instructions
- Learn physical anatomical offerings to affect the energetic body
- Develop a good understanding of the major muscle groups, their functions, and how to detect weakness, tightness, overdevelopment & hyper-flexibility to be able to make more purposeful corrections & adjustments and avoid injury.

Day 2: How to Adjust Levels
- Learn the difference between teaching a Gentle, Level I & Level II Class
- Learn when it’s appropriate to safely challenge students to move up in levels
- Learn how to soften a physical practice to encourage a more inward focus when modifying
- Learn how to invite the students to explore both ends of the spectrum – working harder and backing off to find their edge – safely and efficiently.

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