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Yoga Nidra Training


Yoga Nidra accesses the subconscious mind, relaxing the body, releasing stress and anxiety, and creating lasting positive change and integration. Offering an extended yoga nidra at the end of a yoga class or a class solely based on yoga nidra is a great gift to your students. Learn to create meaningful relaxation.

This comprehensive training program covers:
• Learning about the physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga nidra
• Working with the koshas to access the point of choicelessness awareness
• Learning how to move yourself and your students from duality to polarity to unity
• Setting intentions and learn how to help others set intentions to use during yoga nidra
• Experiencing two yoga nidra practices
• Learning how to structure a yoga nidra class or segment
• Creating themes for your yoga nidra classes
• Creating and practice a yoga nidra script for your classes